Solar heat

Solar heat

Solar Heat

It refers to energy using heat which is radiated from the sun to reach the earth.
It is a technology used for building heating, hot-water supply, etc. with the absorption·storage, etc. of solar heat.

Technical Overview for Solar Thermal System

Solar Heat

As a two-way system with the existing boiler
(night·oil·gas, etc.) and the solar boiler,
it applies the one-stop system which heats with
solar heat at sunrise and automatically switches
into the existing boiler, reducing heating costs
by at least 80% on average a year.
High-temperature solar hot water is
automatically controlled by direct heating
and indirect contact heat, if necessary,
to use solar heat without loss,
increasing efficiency by 30% compared to
the existing solar thermal system.
It can be used more conveniently
with the application of the optimized
electronic operation method and
the automatic control system.
As an artificial intelligence system
which minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide,
it opens the pollution-free clean energy
solar heating era with the pollution-free system.
Solar Water Heater
  1. Thermal Tank
    As the inside is completely made of stainless No. 304, semi-permanent lifespan and high-density urethane foam insulation guarantee excellent heat insulation property.
  2. Vacuum Tube
    As a device converting sunlight into thermal energy, it plays the most important role in solar collector performances.
    A selective absorption coating film is a high-performance solar collector with the energy absorption rate of 95% or more and the emissivity rate of less than 6%.
  3. Structure
    It is designed in a refined and beautiful way with semi-permanent materials in a strong structure triple coated with SUS201 materials.


Standards of Solar Water Heater
Product Name 400L 300L 200L
Size (Width*Length*Height) 3020mm × 1700mm × 2100mm 2460mm × 1700mm × 2100mm 1740mm × 1700mm × 2100mm
Capacity 400L 300L 200L
Quantity of Vacuum Tubes 36 30 20
Standards of Vacuum Tubes (Diameter*Length) 58 × 1800mm 58 × 1800mm 58 × 1800mm
  1. Solar All-in-one Hot Water System
    Easy to use hot water with instantaneous heat exchange
    Safe with constant hot water temperature
    The water cooler·heater are separated and circulated.
    Heat Exchange between hot water for use and hot water in tank
    Decrease in the number of water guarantee, Scale prevention, Life extension
    Excellent price competitiveness due to a non-pressure tank, performance safety
  2. Coil Refrigerated Type
    Indirect heating through copper coils inside a tank
    Maintain the constant hot water temperature
    Available with high water pressure by directly connecting water supply to copper coils
    Available both in an upward and downward way
    Supply hot water of good quality
  3. Vacuum Tube (Excellent Vacuum Tube Technology)
    Two types of vacuum tubes consisting of an internal glass tube and an external glass tube
    As the patented special rare metal is added to the coating film to which the latest technology, the multiple (SS-C/CU) selective absorption film coating technology, is applied to maximize the absorption rate, the collector efficiency is higher than generally coated vacuum tubes by at least 10%, allowing quick hot water production.
    Excellent refrigeration and freezing in cold weather with the special vacuum technology
    Application of state-of-the-art technology as multiple (SS-C/CU) selective absorption film coating technology
    By adding patented special rare metals to the coating film, the absorption ratio is maximized, and the heat collection efficiency is more than 10% higher than that of general coating vacuum tubes, enabling faster hot water production
    Stable performance and long lifespan through 36 production processes
Solar Collector
  1. Manifold
    Both the inside and outside are made of stainless steel No. 304, semi-permanent lifespan and high-density urethane foam insulation material, so it has excellent insulation performance.
  2. Vacuum tube
    It is a device that converts sunlight into thermal energy and plays the most important role in the performance of the collector. The selective absorption coating film is a high-performance collector with an energy absorption rate of 95% or more and an emissivity of less than 6%.
  3. Structure
    It is a semi-permanent material with a sturdy structure made of stainless steel and is designed with a stylish and beautiful design.


Standards of Solar Collector
Product Name HAEJOA Solar Collector(Circle) HAEJOA Solar Collector(Square)
Size(Width*Length*Height) 2500mm × 1700mm × 1500 2500mm × 1700mm × 1450
Insulation layer thickness 60mm 35mm
Quantity of Vacuum Tubes 30EA 30EA
Standards of Vacuum Tubes(Diameter*Length) 58 × 1800mm 58 × 1800mm

hybrid system

Hybrid system specifications
Division / Model One-stop system

Collector (Quantity)

4set 6set 8set 10set 12set

Total collecting capacity

56,000cal 84,000cal 112,000cal 140,000cal 168,000cal

Storage chamber(volume)

500L 700L 1,000L 1,000L 1,200L

Heating area (“Pyeong”)

Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter
15 10 23 15 30 20 37 25 45 30

Hot water capacity (in number of persons)

2 2 3 3 4


Table worked out when solar energy is collected for one day (5 hours) or longer. When more persons than the number in the table above use hot water, it is advised to install an independent water heater. Can vary to some extent depending on insulation status of the house.
  • All problems solved with automatic operation (Water will overflow by solar heat in the summer, Heating efficiency will lower in the winter, The piping may be frozen and ruptured.)
  • Issue with follow-up maintenance of solar boiler - remote control for solar boiler with the existing heater controlle
  • Inconvenience in using solar boiler - selectively use thermal storage heating or direct heating

system diagram

System diagram
Since solar heat energy has a low energy density and varies greatly by season and time, heat collection and storage technology are the most basic technologies.
Solar System

It is the power generation technology that modules receive solar energy to generate a photoelectric effect* to produce electricity.
*A photoelectric effect is a phenomenon that when exposed to light, substances such as metal release electrons, it is usually generated by combining semiconductors with different electrical properties. It is referred to as ‘a solar cell’.

  1. Solar Cell
    Use polysilicon to produce solar cells
  2. Module
    Assemble solar cells to make a solar module
  3. Array
    Assemble modules to make an array

Based on 3kw for family use

Work when sunlight is installed
  • Infinite
    Clean Energy

  • Available for required power
    generation where needed

  • Easy for maintenance,
    Available to be unmanned

  • Long lifespan
    (at least 25 years)

Based on Naver Electric Charges Calculator dated August 2022, 3.6 hours of sunshine

Block Diagram for Electric Charges Reduction System per Power Consumption
  1. For a house with the monthly consumption of 470kWh (based on the installation of 3kWh facility)
    101,080 won when sunlight is not installed
    13,990 won when sunlight is installed
    Save 87,090 won
  2. For a house with the monthly consumption of 630kWh (based on the installation of 3kWh facility)
    154,360 won when sunlight is not installed
    48,560 won when sunlight is installed
    Save 105,800 won

As PVT (Photovoltaic thermal collector) is the convergence solar energy system that the solar power system and the solar thermal system are combined, it is a new technology which is in the spotlight in the new renewable energy field because the solar power generation system and the solar collector are not installed separately.

  • The surplus heat arising from sunlight is transmitted through a heat medium and stored in a thermal storage tank.
  • The solar panel and the radiant panel meet each other to efficiently produce hot water through direct heat exchange.
  • Convergence energy system which generates electricity and hot water in a complex way
  • Details of Slim and Light PVT Absorption Plate Cross Section


pvt system Patent

PVT System Patent Certificate
    • 01

      Complex Energy Generation
      Device 1 using
      Sunlight and Solar Heat

      view more
    • 02

      Complex Energy Generation
      Device 2 using
      Sunlight and Solar Heat

      view more
    • 03

      Complex Energy Generation
      Device 3 using
      Sunlight and Solar Heat

      view more



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    • · 마케팅 및 광고에 활용 : 신규 서비스(제품) 개발 및 특화, 이벤트 등 광고성 정보 전달, 인구통계학적 특성에 따른 서비스 제공 및 광고 게재, 접속 빈도 파악 또는 고객의 서비스 이용에 대한 통계
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      다만, 수집목적 또는 제공받은 목적이 달성된 경우에도 상법 등 법령의 규정에 의하여 보존할 필요성이 있는 경우에 한하여 고객님의 개인정보를 보유할 수 있습니다. 이 경우 해당 개인 정보는 보관의 목적으로만 관리합니다.

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    2. ② 제1항에 따른 권리 행사는 회사에 대해 개인정보보호법 시행령 제41조제1항에 따라 서면, 전자우편, 모사전송(FAX) 등을 통하여 하실 수 있으며, 회사는 이에 대해 지체 없이 조치하겠습니다.
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